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Brecia Kralovic-Logan

The Spiral of Creativity
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I'm thrilled to be introducing my new book,
The Spiral of Creativity: Mastering the Art of a Spirited Life.

Creativity is what makes you feel fully alive. It's your spirit's sweet power source. Learn how to focus your attention on the power of your imagination, intuition and innate wisdom, and create a passionate life of joy and success!

Like a pebble that is dropped into a pond, the effect of our thoughts and actions circle out in ever widening ripples transforming every part of the whole and moving it's essence. Imagine if each of us consciously sought to live creatively in love, compassion, peace and joy! How we would stir the very soul of the world!

I believe that creativity is an expression of our true self and our creative work is essential for creating connection, community and wholeness. It is my wish that this book help you realize your creative dreams.

Pebble in the pond art studio is a center for creative activity—a place to create, collaborate, evolve and grow. Please check out the variety of creativity coaching services, fiber art workshops, and creativity groups that will support you as you explore your passionate, original, natural, development as a creative individual.

“The true spiritual secret is this:
what you seek you already are.
True success is discovering your inner divinity
— it's the ability to love and have compassion,
trust your intuition, and awaken your unlimited creative nature.”

—Deepak Chopra